Free Agency Over/Under

Lets play a game of NFL Free Agency Over/Under.

Jeremy Maclin’s contract: $42M

Over. Maclin did the best possible thing for himself last year coming off of ACL surgery and signing a 1 year $5.5M wait-and-see contract. He gave himself the chance to prove he was worth top dollar and responded to the tune of 1318 yards, double digit TDs, and led all WRs in YPC (15.5). A receiver entering his prime, turning 27 in May, stay tuned for a 4yr/$45M contract to be inked before he hits the open market on Tuesday.

Number of draft picks traded for Mariota: 4

Over. Chip is all in for Mariota. He showed his hand trading away arguably the best RB in the league for some younger talent on the other side of the ball, a clear depth move. Teams know exactly what Chip wants and will make him pay a high price to get it. With the addition of a safety and corner in the coming weeks, Chip will have the depth to reduce the impact of giving up 5 total 1st-4th round picks over the next few years.

Days until Eagles sign Byron Maxwell: 10

Under. This guy wants to be in Philly. He wants to stay in a Cover 3/Man scheme. He wants to play for a win now team. Chip Kelly is all-in for the 2015 season. The Eagles need a clear cut number 1 corner and have the scheme and cap space to make it happen quickly. Maxwell doesn’t stay on the market past Friday (6 days).

Ndamukong Suh’s contract: $100M

Over. J.J. Watt is the highest paid defensive lineman in the game with a 6yr/$100M contract. Suh thinks he is worth more. I tend to disagree with him based on his lower production (78 Tackles, 20.5 Sacks for Watt vs 53 Tackles and 8.5 Sacks for Suh). That being said, Watt didn’t hit the open market when his $100M deal was being drafted. All the current buzz points to a bidding war between Miami and Oakland and Suh is the kind of guy to chase the money. With Miami lacking the cap space to go higher than $102M for a 6 year deal, look for Oakland to overpay (in typical Oakland fashion) for Suh’s services to the sound of $110M over 6 years.

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